Public Government - Owned

BDSK is a leading provider of accounting services, internal audit services and financial consulting services to government and public entities.
Among some of its clients are government offices and support units, local municipalities and municipal corporations, government-owned companies, statutory bodies, hospitals, religious councils, private sector associations and agencies.

This specialty includes Inter-Alia:

Auditing and preparing financial reports: the sector has knowledge of and experience in all standard accounting regulations for all types of exclusive clients. This includes reporting and consulting with the various regulatory bodies.

Internal audit, financial audit: the sector has experience and expertise in internal audits, financial audit including “investigational audits” and information systems integrated audit.

Control Services: the sector serves as an extension of public bodies in performing various controls such as operational control, controls in providing supports and grants and budgetary control, including the provision of budgetary control-services to the professional teams in the Israel Football Association.

Payroll Audits: the sector supports large financial bodies in keeping with all labor laws, specifically with the Increased Enforcement Law, and serves as a consultant to the Ministry of Labor in this field. In addition, the sector serves as an extension of the regulator for salary audits in various branches including salaries of retirees.

Financial Consulting: provision of financial consultations and review for all sector clients including private clients.

Implementation of SAP systems: experience includes routine financial work, consultation in resolving complex issues, both remotely and at client’s home.

The sector provides all-inclusive services to its various clients, including provision of service at the client’s office and addressing all needs and requirements