About us

BDSK provides a wide range of response in the areas of accounting, financial services and taxation. Founded in 1988 and it is one of the leading accounting firms in Israel. The firm has 11 partners and over 250 employees operating in two branches, in Jerusalem and Ramat-Gan. Our extensive experience allows us to provide professional and trustworthy high-level services to the public sector, the private-business sector, associations and nonprofit organizations.

About BDSK Accounting and Business Consulting Firm

BDSK specializes in a wide range of services by offering an array of professional departments working together in full coordination. Clients can enjoy an array of services, including: financial report audit, business and financial consultation, consultation to associations and nonprofit organizations, working relationships, organizational consultation and salary audits, governmental accounting, governmental regulation, internal audit and Israeli and international taxation consultation and more.   
The firm places “The client in the center”, and its goal is to provide the client with response on all matters related to accounting, finance organization and business needs, while maintaining uncompromising professionalism. Qualified and creative professionals with vast knowledge and experience in accounting, taxation and business consultation, provide swift and personal service.

BDSK – comprehensive professional service for every business owner

The firm is a member of LEA -Leading Edge Alliance, a leading international network of accounting firms, which connects over 100 countries worldwide and includes around 450 accounting firms. Working with this network indicates that the firm meets international standards of professionalism and service, enabling the client to profit from rich international experience and from the ability to operate in a wide range of locations worldwide.

BDSK is a member of the international LEA network

BDSK believes in the values of pluralism, equality and benevolence. Its employees and clients come from all facets of Israeli society- Jewish, Arab, Hasidic, religious and secular and from all points of the Israeli political map.

The firm founded and operates the charity organization ‘Selah’.

BDSK for the community