Audits and Preparation of Financial Reports for Businesses

Specializes in traditional and advanced accounting services for self-employed, private and public companies as per business requirements. The firm has vast experience and an outstanding reputation in the field of accounting. It specializes in providing professional service, with close and personal support and availability for every client, through a broad understanding of the business and by providing a comprehensive and customized range of services.

The MMC Department

(Middle Market Consulting)

Businesses entering into the MMC department receive the comprehensive support on the entire financial aspect of the business and its promotion. The firm promotes the business as per, but not limited to, the following:

  • Implementing advanced computerized systems
  • Recruiting financial personnel
  • Fundraising
  • Negotiating with investors
  • Purchasing business real-estate
  • Grant entitlements
  • Tax benefits in the framework of Encouragement of Capital Investments Laws
  • Support and consultation at every financial step
  • Our vision is to see the business march forward, advancing doubling and tripling its activity!


Description of the department handling audits and preparation of financial reports:

The department is divided according to the various branches of activity in the economy, with each auditing team specializing in different branches.