Social commitment is a basis for improving values and practices in the business world.  At Ben David Shalvi Kop we believe in giving back to the community in which we live as well as the importance of assisting the disadvantaged and low-income sectors of society.  We believe that pluralism and increasing quality of life in the community are the responsibility of each individual and every business firm.  Therefore, we dedicate abilities and resources to advancing and empowering the communities in which we operate.

To that end, Sela was established about ten years ago at the initiative of Joel Shalvi and Raanan Kop together with the staff of Shalvi Kop and Associates.  The organization operates out of Ben David Shalvi Kop’s offices.  It stands for community involvement and volunteerism.  Sela supports approximately 550 underprivileged families.  Its volunteers, drivers, packers and contributors – both monetary and in-kind – are drawn from the firm’s employees, clients and other good people.

How does it works

Ben David Shalvi Kop staff organize monthly packages that are sent in total discretion to needy families.  We purchase or receive as donations what the packages contain while the actual packing, transportation and delivery are performed by dedicated volunteers (employees, clients and others) who personally reach each and every family.

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