Ben David Shalvi Kop is committed to providing its clients the highest quality professional services at the highest level of integrity, fairness and professional ethics.  We believe our firm’s activity should be based on values that advance the clients’ goals, and we believe that these values position us among the finest accounting firms in Israel.

Dedication and personal attention to the client

Ben David Shalvi Kop places the client relationship at the center of its concern while supplying uncompromising professional service.  We believe in cultivating long-term relationships with our clients and growing together with them.  We are committed to providing a response to each of our clients for any matter that arises.  Each client is unique and important, and we adapt our services accordingly.  This approach enables us to achieve a full understanding of the client’s business and its professional needs.

Professionalism and striving for excellence

Ben David Shalvi Kop is committed to providing its clients with the highest level of professional services possible, and therefore we select our staff carefully.  We are committed to rigorous oversight of the professional level of our employees and the quality of service we extend to our clients.  The firm is committed to excellence, including precise work and adherence to schedules.

Each accountant, specialist, bookkeeper and other employee has appropriate education, knowledge and years of experience in providing accounting, tax and financial services.  The firm’s partners and employees possess extensive experience in both the private and public sectors in Israel.

Our aim is to continue to grow, develop, innovate and be an influential force in accounting in Israel.

Creativity and innovation

The world of accounting is perceived as being gray and dull, but in reality, it requires being open to new ideas and calls for creativity and original thinking.  The accounting world is required to deal with rapid and significant developments and client needs that also change frequently.  Each Ben David Shalvi Kop employee is selected based on his/her professionalism and the level of creative and original thinking he/she is able to contribute.

Social Pluralism

Ben David Shalvi Kop employs people who, like our clients, are from all sectors of Israeli society.  Our staff includes Arabs, employees with varying Jewish outlooks and immigrants from the Former Soviet Union and Ethiopia.  We promote pluralism and tolerance in the community and also give pro bono services to early-stage social initiatives.