Tax payments are among the major expenses of every individual, company or organization.  Relations with tax authorities have substantial implications for the stability of any business.  Therefore, correct tax planning is an integral part of a company’s business policy – making it critical that tax consultants be experienced, knowledgeable and up-to-date in order to provide first-rate service.

The Taxes Department at Ben David Shalvi Kop is staffed by seasoned and professional accountants and tax consultants who regularly update their knowledge of changes in current tax law in order to assure the quality of their professional services.

The department is managed by Dr. Raanan Kop, accountant and jurist, who is a partner in the firm.  When needed, the department is supported by top-rank legal advisors who provide consultation for our clients.

The tax department provides the following services:

  • Pre-Ruling planning – receiving authorizations from tax authorities through taxation decisions by agreement in the following areas: changes in corporate structure, companies, cooperatives, associations and other corporate entities, transfer of assets in exchange for stocks, mergers and acquisitions, company splits and other involved structural changes.
  • Real estate taxation – managing real estate-related aspects of income tax, betterment tax and value added tax through all stages of planning and execution of real estate transactions as well as ongoing business activity.  Services extended include: coordinating pre-ruling decisions on real estate transactions with tax authorities; planning, assistance and oversight of real estate sales and purchase transactions; ongoing preparation and submission of real estate taxation statements and other services as required
  • Tax Assessment – advising and representing the client in assessment hearings and tax arrangements with assessors and the Income Tax Commission, including closing agreements, presenting relevant data to income tax inspectors and supplying explanations of tax laws in favor of the taxpayer
  • VAT – handling assorted value added tax matters and advising clients as well as the firm’s different departments
  • Capital Market Taxation – advising on taxation on securities and dividends
  • Law for Encouragement of Capital Investments – guidance on alternatives for deriving tax benefits
  • Capital market taxation – consultancy in taxation matters concerning securities and dividends.
  • The Law for Encouragement of Capital Investments – consultancy relating to different tracks for deriving tax benefits.
  • Pension Funds – advice on pension fund taxation, during both the payment and benefit periods
  • Tax Exemption – guiding public institutions and NGOs on tax issues, including receipt of tax-exempt status for donations, based on Article 46 of the Income Tax Ordinance and Article 61 of the Real Estate Taxation Law
  • Tax Planning for Holding and Investment Companies in Israel and Overseas – including mergers and acquisitions, splits, asset transfers between companies, re-organization, exploitation of losses, reporting methods, transfer pricing methods and more
  • Advice on Business and Investment Transactions in Israel – advising on agreements, contracts and special projects, from the planning stages through final execution, including participation in the negotiating team prior to agreement and planning the optimal tax structure for executing the transaction

Dr. Raanan Kop – CPA, Sima Ben-Saudon – tax consultant.