Receivership and liquidation of companies is a complex process aimed at utilizing a company’s remaining assets and financial resources to cover as much of its debts as possible.

Ben David Shalvi Kop possesses years of experience in serving as trustees in Chapter 11 proceedings, receivers of companies and assets, liquidators and special managers of companies in diverse areas of activity – assigned either by a court or the State Receiver.

The team in this department specializes in defining liquidation and receivership plans for large companies and organizations, in some cases together with Justice Ministry officials.  Additionally, the team specializes in providing a response to businesses and public bodies that fall into difficult financial situations, conducting an analysis that examines the circumstances that led to the situation.  The audit includes a check of salaries and allocations, examining how objectives were met and checking cash flows, purchases, revenues and the like.

The firm also serves as an accompanying controller of NGOs, religious councils and other economic entities in financial difficulties, including drafting recovery plans and monitoring budget management.  This includes conducting an analysis of an organization’s activities in both business and management aspects and its division into profit centers; preparing a forecast of cash flow; building recovery and efficiency enhancement plans; reorganization in the operational and business spheres based on the recovery plan; and debt rescheduling vis-a-vis suppliers and banks.

Dr. Raanan Kop – CPA (jurist), Oved Ben David – CPA, Gilboa Vaisfish – CPA.