Ben David Shalvi Kop’s Local Government Department handles a wide variety of issues pertaining to local government and its oversight.  The department’s staff specializes in accounting-related aspects as well as the complex legal infrastructure that regulates the activity of different types of local authorities.

The department’s fields of activity include:

Internal audit on behalf of controllers in local government

These audits examine all aspects of local government activity in view of the needs of the internal controller, such as: process audits,operational audits, departmental audits, analyzing and codifying operational procedures, audits of municipal companies, audits of municipal committees and more.

Audit of financial statements for local government

The department has audited local government financial statements on behalf of the Interior Ministry since 1985, in cities and towns including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Statement monitors

The function of a statement monitor is to confirm for the Interior Ministry that statements prepared by accounting offices meet all necessary requirements, in content and form.  The department’s employees serve as monitors on behalf of the Interior Ministry’s Local Government Auditing Department.

Monitoring fulfillment of agreements on behalf of the Interior Ministry

Another service is monitoring milestones defined as part of a recovery plan signed between a municipality and the Interior Ministry; preparing monthly reports for the Interior Ministry that include financial data and a brief report on progress toward pre-determined performance milestones; attending Tenders Committee meetings; attending Acquisition Committee meetings; weekly sessions with the municipality’s purchasing officer and treasurer; approval and signing off on money transfers between bank accounts; etc.

Staff of managers: Oved Ben David – CPA, Reut Shilo – CPA,  Michal Gev – CPA, Limor Faniri – CPA.