Ben David Shalvi Kop has significant experience in supplying services to health maintenance organizations and hospitals.

Our clients include public, government and HMO-owned hospitals as well as pharmaceutical and other health-related companies.  As part of the services available to HMOs and hospitals, the firm performs audits of financial statements and prepares annual, quarterly and semi-annual financial statements.

Our office’s health-related services include:

  • Auditing financial statements for government hospitals which operate as public non-profit organizations.  These hospitals are auxiliary units of the Health Ministry, and their budgets are set by the Israeli government and consolidated within the ministry’s financial statements.
  • Preparation and ongoing consultation for hospital recovery plans
  • Checking the profitability of hospital departments including recommendations regarding advisability of continued operation, reductions, expanded activity and the like
  • Examining advisability and analyzing financial and cost-related data of health projects
  • Analyzing employee and outsourced labor salaries, including comparisons with salaries customary in the field
  • Checking and preparing pension payments to retired hospital workers

Oved Ben David – CPA, Dr. Raanan Kop – CPA,