Ben David Shalvi Kop is among Israel’s leading firms in providing accounting services to government and its agencies.  Our expertise in this area includes accounting assistance and professional consulting, preparing financial statements, auditing financial statements, assistance in uploading to Merkava, the government portal, and more.

The firm offers wide experience and knowledge in government accounting practices.  Ovad Ben David, CPA and Managing Partner, has served as a member of the Committee for Standardizing Government Accounting as well as a member of the panel of experts determining regulations for financial statements of government companies, reports of boards of directors and internal and external auditing.

The department’s services include:

Auditing and preparing financial statements

The firm is expert in auditing and preparing financial statements of government ministries and agencies whose statements are prepared in accordance with government accounting standards and regulations.

Auditing of financial reporting propriety

The firm has performed audits of the propriety of the financial reporting of a number of government ministries, based on regulations of the Accountant General’s auditing unit.  Such projects necessitate in-depth familiarity with standard government accounting in order to check whether the financial statements have been prepared in accordance with all applicable regulations.

Experience with the SAP and Merkava systems

Our staff of employees has garnered broad experience with SAP systems, particularly Merkava.  Dozens of Merkava work stations are installed in our offices, with personal smart cards for remote use of the system.

Our experience with this system includes:

  • Ongoing work using the system as outside contractors of government ministries, including routine activities, such as: budget examination, analyzing liabilities and dealing with what is in need of rectification, analyzing supplier and customer balances, setting up asset ledgers, preparing financial statements, etc.
  • Extensive experience in guiding government ministries in working with the system and solving complex accounting issues, in light of the system’s structure and nature, the ministry’s needs and directives of the Accountant General and the Chief Accountant
  • Working with the system within the framework of auditing financial statements of numerous government ministries.
  • Using the system to analyze data for financial and internal audits, financial analyses, analyzing budget utilization and more

Team of managers: Oved Ben David – CPA, Reut Shilo – CPA.