Financial Consulting and Business Development

The Financial Consulting and Business Development Department at Ben David Shalvi Kop offers clients access to a team of accountants and finance experts who can provide a broad variety of financial services.

This department combines high-level knowledge in both finance and accounting with rich administrative and business experience.  The department’s goal is to enhance the client’s knowledge and abilities in order to allow him or her to focus on ongoing business management.

The department offers the following services: business consulting, strategic planning, writing business plans, project feasibility studies, price evaluation, cost accounting, budget building, accessing a variety of databases, performing credit checks and credit requests and facilitating negotiations with banks.

Ben David Shalvi Kop believes in combining accounting and financial expertise in order to give the right response to the client’s financial needs.  Integrated teams of accountants and economists and the interaction of their fields of specialty offer significant advantage to the client.


Bookkeeping and salary accounting

Ben David Shalvi Kop provides bookkeeping services to a broad variety of clients including hundreds of corporations, NGOs and self-employed people.

Services include: issuing and recording invoices, preparing salaries, issuing checks to suppliers, collecting debts, recording inventory, bank reconciliations and other tasks related to the specific nature of the business.

Entries are recorded according to conventional rules of accounting using double or single ledger entry accounting methods.  The Bookkeeping Department also prepares periodic reports for tax authorities.  In order to provide the best possible service, the department assigns a team composed of talented bookkeepers and tax consultants to work with the client on an ongoing basis.

The Bookkeeping Department works with a large number of bookkeeping software programs including: Hashavshevet, Zoom for Business, Atzma’it, Shiklulit, Hatzharonit and others.



S2O is a strategic consulting firm working in Israel, Brazil, France and Holland that collaborates with our firm in a variety of ways.  S20 has developed approaches, methodologies and scientific consulting tools adapted to the unique needs of each client.  The goal is to create value and enhance stable performance over time.

S20 is comprised of an experienced interdisciplinary team committed to quality of service, flexible solutions, a pragmatic mindset and value creation.