Ben David Shalvi Kop works with a wide range of voluntary associations and not-for-profit organizations dealing with topics like education, religion, welfare and health.  Our firm provides service to hundreds of third-sector organizations.

Administering a voluntary organization is not the same as administering a profit-seeking company.  They are subject to different types of public supervision – in the case of not-for-profit organizations, by the Registrar of NGOs.  Hence, this sector has special characteristics, complex administrative challenges and accounting and reporting requirements that differ from those of businesses.

Our firm includes a designated department that specializes in providing advice and services specific to the needs and challenges of NGOs:

  • Auditing and preparing financial statements based on not-for-profit accounting standards
  • Guidance on meeting all necessary legal requirements
  • Assistance in preparing budgets as well as budgetary monitoring and control
  • Advice in the areas of taxation and Value Added Tax
  • Assistance and counseling in submitting requests for financial support as well as in passing audits by relevant authorities.
  • Accompaniment through audits conducted on associations by various authorities
  • Conducting regular audits on behalf of the Registrar of NGOs
  • Performing in-depth audits on behalf of the Accountant General
  • Counsel on Education Ministry requirements for educational institutions

Gilboa Vaisfish – CPA.