Dr. Raanan Kop, CPA, Jurist and Founding Partner

Raanan Kop, CPA, specializes in financial advising including representing companies and the self-employed at banks, internal audits, corporate taxation, real estate taxation, liquidations, Chapter 11 proceedings, and administration of companies in financial difficulty.
Dr. Kop is a member of the Jerusalem District Bureau of CPAs, the National Ethics Committee of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel, board member of the Khan Theater, board member of the Israeli Camerata, co-founder of Sela and member of its management committee.
MBA, PhD, Business Administration, specializing in Organizational
Behavior, Newport University, CA
LLM, Law, Bar-Ilan University
BA, Economics and Accounting, Hebrew University
Hobbies: tennis, drawing and painting, music, piano and saxophone, plays in the 'Nashfanim' Orchestra in Mevasseret